Living, simplified.

We’re developing smart, intuitive solutions for everyday life, from helpful health and wellbeing technology to enhanced communication and mobility, improving your independence and helping you get more out of your day to day life.

nixbig – software and smart tech for a better life

Our Company



We’re researching new technologies and techniques for people with visual impairments and other challenges, improving their independence and ability to achieve everyday tasks.

Smart Technology

Smart Technology

Smart uses of smart technology – making some great devices more accessible, intuitive and powerful without the need for complex interactions.

Professional Services

We specialise in smart devices – all aspects of planning, design and development for mobile apps, turnkey kiosk devices, MDM and connected solutions. If you have a project or idea we could help with we’d love to talk.

Our Goals

We want to improve quality of life for the elderly and those with physical challenges by making technology work for them, allowing them to achieve their usual daily tasks more easily.

What We Do


Strategy & Planning

We’ll help you work through your requirements and identify approaches to achieve your goals. Working from concept to deployment and ongoing maintenance we’ll help you map out a realistic and appropriate route to your target.

Problem Solving

Problem Solving

We’re inquisitive, inventive and capable, with an ability to listen to what you really need.

Experimenting, researching and finding solutions to complex problems is in our DNA and we thrive on meeting difficult problems head on and finding timely and measured solutions to suit your objectives and budget.

Design & Development

Design & Development

We have been working on large scale software and smart device projects for over 30 years and have a wide and varied set of skills.

We have what it takes to cover most mobile and desktop software projects, embedded and turnkey devices, consumer and enterprise projects.

Problem ?


We’ll help you build your dream product

Have some great ideas, but need a development partner you can trust? We have experience developing software and products for leading mobile and tech companies. We’re also friendly and realistic. We’ll tell it as it is and ensure you’re always in the loop, and in control.

We’d love to talk if you have a project we could help with – just drop us a message on our contact form and we’ll get the ball rolling.

yin yang

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”


Why nixbig ?


We care about what we do – it’s not just work. It’s not just money either.

Our focus is on projects and products which prioritise improvements to wellbeing and quality of life.

We enjoy our work and have an enthusiasm for achieving great results – that’s what it’s all about.


Our team has a proven track record of working closely with customers from small startups needing advice and guidance through to major multi-national mobile and tech companies with complex requirements and challenging deadlines.

We keep you informed, involved and in control using modern, effective processes and tools so you’re always on top of your project.


With decades of experience designing and developing leading edge products for major technology and mobile companies we’re a safe pair of hands to look after your next project.

We have decades of experience on major mobile and desktop platforms, kiosk devices and turnkey solutions in both consumer and enterprise environments.

Let’s start your nixbig thing today!

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